Within the frame of the industry programme BVFF, various parties will join at different levels. Below is a listing of the available types of memberships, including current partners.

Principal Partner (PP) - currently the three founding organisations Trafikverket, KTH and VTI, plus LTU since early spring 2012, as well as future members at Corporate Partner level 1 as well as Principal Executive Organisations. PP is part of the Board.

Companies in the sector could join as Corporate Partner (CP) at two levels, 1 and 2. CP1 till be part of the Board, while CP2 are only involved in the work in the programme area groups.

Principal Executive Organisation (PEO) -  universities, colleges or research institutes that live up to the set requirements and have ongoing activities within BVFF. PEO will receive a project volume guarantee from Trafikverket, but is required to contribute with a considerable committment guarantee. PEO is part of the Board.

Executive Organisation (EO) are those non-profit organisations, universities, colleges or reseach institutes that do not live up to the set requirements and have joined the programme through an association agreement. EO will be involved in the programme area groups.

Current partners are:

Trafikverket (PP)
Ramböll (CP)
Updated 31/05/2017