Proposal instructions

Your proposal should aim at Trafikverket's Research and Innovation plan, which you find here (in Swedish):  

You may write the proposal in English, but the Summary and the Project title have to be in Swedish.

Also, please read this too:

  1. Make sure that ALL proposals have a committed stakeholder within Trafikverket who ensures that the proposed topic is relevant to the stakeholder and to what use. An email from the stakeholder with that information, included in the attachment, will suffice.
  2. The applicant should be one of the academic parties in BVFF: KTH, VTI or LTU.
  3. All questions are mandatory. The application will not be registered as received unless everything is complete.
  4. All attachments should be merged into one document and included within the proposal. No other project descriptions - attached or via email - will be read.
  5. The evaluation is based entirely on the text that fits in the application form and the requested attachments, not on any links to other documents or media.
  6. If more than one CV, state the most relevant merits from each and make sure that all fits within a maximum of two pages in the attachment.
  7. Prepare and SAVE your texts in, for example, Word, using the same headlines as in the form and copy/paste to the form. Use ”Count words” including spaces. The stated text limit will cut the text if too long.
  8. Save (=Send) if you need a break, and use the link you receive in the confirmation email, to continue. You can make changes through the final date. 
  9. Please fill out everything in the form as carefully as possible. Explain briefly, clearly and intelligibly what you wish to accomplish and to what use. Under each headline there are examples of what should be concluded. Left out information will delay the process or disqualify the proposal.
  10. If you wish to speed up the process and have an established contact at Trafikverket, you can choose to fill out the form Trafikverket Projektspecifikation - FOI plus the form ULF-mall (following the links below) at this point too. Please note that they are additional forms to the BVFF form. However, it means that if your proposal is approved, you will not have to wait for the next step, when that form should be completed. Trafikverket's form should be filled out TOGETHER with your contact at Trafikverket and it is important that ALL information is included. Should something be missing, the process will be delayed. 
Send both completed documents in their original format in an email to and state which proposal they belong to.


Uppdaterat 2022-05-31