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BVFF is an industry programme for research, development and innovations in road and railway construction and maintenance. It has an annual turnover of more than € 4 million. 

The aim is to develope and strengthen relevant parts of the road and railway industry and also to help society meet current and future demands for efficient road and railway infrastructure. BVFF is limited to road and railway technology issues such as construction (road and rail), maintenance (road), and management issues (road and rail). The key objectives are to create:
  • A common view of problems and objectives within the industry, where the creation of fora is an important goal in itself 
  • An efficient chain of innovation, from research to implementation 
  • A good overview and a holistic approach to skills, needs and training 
  • Internationally leading environments for education, research and innovation 

The intention of BVFF is to associate relevant parts of the industry to the programme, such as
 contractors, suppliers, consultants, problem owners, providers and funders, who can contribute to achieve the objectives in different ways
Updated 06/07/2020
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