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The Board
Programme Director
Programme Director

A Director has been appointed by Trafikverket, in agreement with VTI and KTH, with responsibility for the administrative management of the common activities in the programme. The Director is rapporteur in the Board.

The Director's responsibilities and tasks are to:
  • suggest an annual activity plan and a budget
  • lead and coordinate the project process
  • coordinate work in the programme areas
  • prepare documents for Board meetings, including draft annual report, comments to effectiveness, project monitoring and economy
  • coordinate contacts with appointed external peer-reviewers
  • make sure that the strategy document is completed
  • make sure that a plan for the dissemination of knowledge is completed, including objectives and activities regarding the dissemination of results
  • market the programme
  • be an active link in international collaborations, between BVFF/members and international partners
  • coordinate the dissemination of results within BVFF together with the programme council
  • work for the development of BVFF to a hub for international contacts
  • be responsible for coordinating the marketing activities
  • manage the cooperation with other groups and organisations

Contact the Director

The secretariat
The programme secreteriat is subordinate the Board and is managed by the Director. Currently, there is also a Programme Communicator, as support for the Director.

Updated 09/05/2016
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